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Environmental Consultants & Services (ECS) established in year 2005 as dynamic firm which has grown steadily and swiftly within the field of HSE &QR (Occupational Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Radiation) consultancy services. The extensive accumulated experience of Environmental Consultants & Services (ECS) in HSE&QR consulting has provided a solid basis for his steady growth.
During the relatively short time period since establishment, we have come to be recognized for our commitment in providing quality HSE&QR services for the Oil and Gas Industries, in both domestic and international markets. Our excellence is achieved and maintained by a team of dedicated professionals, and an extensive pool of experts restored to when need arises. In addition, collaborative relations with national and international firms augment our success.
Environmental Consultants & Services (ECS) has a significant track record and has proven its competence in the Egyptian services market. The firm has acquired substantial experience in different


HSE&QR fields:

HSE Management System
HSE&QR policies and planning
Waste Management System
Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Studies
Documentation of HSE&QR activities
HSE&QR training capacity building
HSE&QR management and auditing


(ECS) has realized that a team of multi-disciplinary backgrounds, different professional experiences and educational levels represents the best match to the nature of our activities and the approaches we adopt.
Our company's strategy is to prefer a long-range involvement with the firm ultimately reflected in a stable core team which is larger than most consultancies would consider securing.
This is based on a conviction that individuals who work with us are the repositories of both generated and acquired knowledge and experience.
ECS provides a wide range of HSE services, both directly and in alliance with international companies. The HSE division has developed detailed knowledge of applicable local and international laws, regulations and practices.

ECS undertake environmental studies and provide technical support covering the environmental aspects of industry. Whether planning a new project, developing design concepts for modification or de-bottlenecking existed facilities, our engineers & Experts evaluate options, optimize designs and direct the project effort towards proven cost effective solutions.
ECS committed to achieving a high standard of quality in all its business undertakings.  It is the Group policy to supply products and services that meet and exceed the expectations and specifications of our clients.  This will be done in a professional, responsive and responsible manner. The foremost objectives of the firm is professional Excellency in all the undertakings and, to provide associates and clients the highest level of consultancy in a variety of spheres, pooling their know how, experience, connections and professional capabilities thus, securing the highest standards of achievements.
ECS principal objectives are to be recognized by the quality and costs of our services, by our innovative solutions and our commitment to our clients.



   About ECS

We are a business process improvement firm that partners with its clients to generate real, quantifiable value and customer satisfaction.
Our clients achieve breakthrough results by reducing costs, increasing revenue, reducing process cycle times, improving Food safety and Quality and deepening customer relationships through our integrated application of proven methodologies.
We also work with our clients to develop a comprehensive training and mentoring program for the Food safety and Quality methodologies we utilize.  These programs enable each client to learn valuable concepts and tools that can help them improve their efficiency, Food safety and Quality and effectiveness.
Other services we provide include the management of client projects, gathering customer data, survey design and analysis, organizational assessments, facilitating management reviews and event coordination.

   Company Overview

ECS was established in response to the growing need for quality consultation to support the business community within your Company, Department or Organization by providing a high standard of Consultancy Services to employees in a very competitive business environment.
Following the latest trends and ideas in Technology and Management techniques, and with its in-depth knowledge of the business environment, ECS is able to meet the special requirements of both local and international business throughout the Middle East
All of our employees are formally trained and experienced in several proven Environment, Safety, Food safety and Quality methodologies.  
We use this experience and diversity to create solutions that work best to meet your needs. Our experience includes, but is not limited to, Quality, Safety & Health, Environmental, Six Sigma, and Design for Six Sigma, Change Management






  Our Objectives

Bringing your staff up to date with the latest techniques.
Improve their performance.
Deepen their understanding of their working environment.
Provide new ideas they can use in their daily tasks.
Our Goal
Our goal  is the provision of the highest level of service, which will equip you with the best possible consultation service packages you require. All of our staff is highly qualified, and all our packages are designed by professionals in conjunction with academics in various industries, thus providing a unique combination

   Our Vision & Mission

To provide top Quality Training, Consultancy delivered by a widely - based International Organization which is competitive, in touch with local needs and is committed to excellence.
Our Customers
Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Refinery Companies
The private sector, Major Middle and Small group of companies
Industrial and Commercial Companies
The Government Ministries and Departments


    Some of Our Client List

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